1. Manufacturers warranty on fabrics apply.
  2. The work shall be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner
  3. A two year warranty on workmanship applies. This does not include damage from extreme storms.
  4. The work described herein shall be in accordance to the plans and specifications as set out in this contract.
  5. All materials supplied shall be suitable for the purpose for which they are used.
  6. Post location shall be finalised after underground plans are received.
  7. Remaining excavated soil from footings shall be left on site unless otherwise arranged. Removal will be an additional charge to the client.
  8. Installation costs are based upon clean, stable soil, free from debris and pollution. Rock and shale installation shall be an additional cost. Unstable soil that requires additional hire equipment and labour will be charged to the client over and above the contracted price.
  9. ISS is not liable for damage to any underground pipes, cables or utility services or the relocation of these services. It is the client’s responsibility to provide plans of any underground services in the area of installation. The client is responsible for any costs incurred in the relocation or repair of any underground utilities, pipes or cables and shall not withhold payment in the event such repairs or relocations need to be made.
  10. Any additions or variations will be made in writing and will be additional to the existing contract in terms of cost and agreement.
  11. Once the customer’s deposit is received, the site survey will be completed and the agreed upon work will begin.
  12. The customers Sail will be constructed in a quick and effective manner; however, ISS does not accept responsibility for delays beyond their control or due to inclement weather.
  13. Any council regulations and costs are the customer’s responsibility to find out and follow. ISS is happy to assist the customer at his/her request to have the necessary drawings and documents for council approval to be produced. The customer agrees to pay all fees incurred for this service in advance.
  14. The customer agrees to pay all money owed to ISS in a timely manner regardless of any situation or decisions made by council.
  15. The customer agrees to pay for the work carried out within three days of completion of the contract.