Residential Shade Sail Services

Over a combined 20 years of experience in the shade sail industry, we have come across hundreds and hundreds of scenarios in designing and installing residential shade sails for the domestic market.

We have a residential shade sail expert standing by who can deliver an accurate quote on the spot and there will be no waiting. We see most of our customers within 12-24hours from the time we receive a call or email request to the time we arrive on-site and deliver the quote.

Our delivery times are 1-2 weeks in most cases when it comes to putting in steel posts or stainless steel anchor points.

Our Shade fabric is Australian standard and fire retardant.



When designing a shade sail for the home, there are 3 main things that you need to take into account.

  1. Your budget
  2. The style of the design
  3. The practicality of the install

1. Your Budget

With regard to this, it’s important to let us know what your budget is upfront so the right range of options can be compiled and presented.

2. The style of the design

The style can be totally customised but we will have an idea of what works based on our opinion as well and we can share that with you and take your idea and worth with that to produce the style and colours you like that will match your home.

3. The practicality of the install.

Sometimes due to types of ground or obstructions, trees, underground pipes, building protrusions, and other possible factors, we will be limited to what options are available.

Taking all those 3 points into account, we can narrow down in less than 15mins the best options available for you, and then we can put this in writing and issue to you on the spot.

Should you need your shade sail installed immediately, we also have that option if needed. All of our staff are COVID safe and follow all the relevant protocols in order to operate on-site and around people.

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